Thursday, May 11, 2006

every blindman should have a beard

Every Blindman Should Have a Beard
- Jordan Vincent Elliott

"come here" he said
(i was out of
his arms reach) "i want
to look at you" and rough
black skinned fingres
felt and rubbed my face (which i had
recently shaved)
he has no pupils i thought "i
like the way you look" he said
i wonder how he can tell i thought while
his fat dark fingers
closed my eyelids and (with a tenderness
unlike his thick fingers)touched my eyes
and i opened them again
(he doesn't blink i thought)
he traced my eyebrows and nose
and chin and ears and lips and
touched the top of my head with
a heavy hand "you are
handsome" he said with a
fat black man's laugh and squeezed
my arm
his laugh laughing itself into something of
a small song to himself which
he half-hummed
i wanted him to look at me again
(i wonder if he knew how bald he was or
how grey his beard was or
what grey is at all)
he slowly lifted his cup to his mouth
and took a shaky sip of tea
he can see something i cannot
i thought
i want to see what he does
i closed my eyes and
reached out my smooth thin white fingers
and touched his beard "what
are you doing" he asked
"i want to look at you" i said

© 2005 Jordan Vincent Elliott
International Copyright Secured
All Rights Reserved
Used By Permission

this is excerpted from a book of poetry called 'death by love at first sight', which you can purchase by sending Jordan e-mail.


Anonymous said...

"The poet doesn't invent, he listens." (Jean Cocteau)

Johnny D. said...

That laugh is a wonderful laugh. That laugh that settles in the chest till all you hear is that musical hum. Beautiful poetry.