Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Girls

tonight is meg's birthday eve... tomorrow she will be 12 years old. gosh - time flies!

many weeks ago, as we were walking the dog around shelley lake, we passed a group of people fencing in the park (weird) and meg said, "oooh! i want a sword for my birthday!" she spent the rest of our walk talking about it... and kyra leaned over to me and whispered that she wanted to get meg foam swords for her birthday. later that night, she came to my room to exult that she had found in the book her uncle gave her for christmas - a guide to immaturity - directions for how to sword fight!

just now, with very little prodding, kyra gave meg her gift a night early - 2 foam swords, the directions (ripped out of the book), and a band aid.

so i am sitting on my deck, after a birthday eve meal of hotdogs roasted over the firepit, watching my girls sword fighting, laughing their heads off, with much "hyah!" and "hoh!" and "hawah!" - ing, saying things like, "jump! i'm going to swipe under you now!" or "after we circle, we're going to clash 15 times and you're going to get my head and i'm going to get your feet!" as a matter of fact, meg just said, "we're going to be professionals by the end of the night!" to which kyra replied, "i know!" :) it's hilarious. and wonderful. sometimes they can't even stand up they're laughing so hard. joy and friendship radiant from them, and more than anything, that's what i'm grateful for.

today was a long day, not entirely what i had felt like i needed, but this is the kind of moment that brings a little bit of healing into me. kyra said she's going to get curtis to video it on her phone, and if it makes it to my email, i'll post it for your enjoyment. :)