Tuesday, June 06, 2006

no whining

this is my last post before the beach - and since the beach is a noble reason not to post, there will be no whining in my absence! because i know that you can't go on without me! yeah, right! :)

in honor of Summer, i have composed this haiku:

something about sand,
tan lines and sunburnt shoulders
takes my breath away

Monday, June 05, 2006

i gotta go...

it's like having to pee... you know what i mean, admit it. trapped in a car, driving down the highway after finishing that tepid can of coke, and nature calls. 25 miles to the gas station, and for reasons only mother nature knows, the closer you get to the bathroom, the worse you have to "go" - by the time you reach the actual gas station, if there is a line you could weep! that is what it feels like, waiting the last 2 days before leaving for summer vacation - for me, to the beach. every minute ticking away slowly...slowly...slowly... and the closer we get to departure the more desperate i am to LEAVE ALREADY! there are piles of things all over the house waiting to be collected into the truck...get me out of here!

happy summer to you all!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

how does that happen?

ah, my snarky brother was right - it is hard keeping up a blog! and i make no excuses for having a full and happy life! :) so there!

summer is upon us! hooray! i love nothing more than having my girls out of school, the backyard pool filled and popsicle sticks everywhere.... ahhhhhhhh... this year, we are going to the beach in the outer banks, making a couple of trips to kentucky (with or without curtis), and maybe i'll repaint some furniture. you gotta have goals, you know...

the scary thing is this: at the end of summer, my baby, my youngest daughter, will be in FIRST GRADE. how does something like that happen? i always thought i fell into the catagory of "young mom"... but having a first grader and being thirty*gulp*one i think disqualifies me! it makes me wonder if i might be, indeed, a grown up...makes me wonder what i am doing with my life now - how will i define the years of my girls in school when i look back on them. what will i make of them.

*sigh* such big questions to face at the beginning of summer, when the most i can fathom is whether or not we all have enough sunscreen on. maybe i will leave them for later... it seems to me they're not going anywhere....