Thursday, December 28, 2006

cast your vote!

everyone, this is my new cat, this is everyone! let's make friends!
i went to the animal protection society of durham this morning, filled out my form and gave my deposit on this beautiful girl. she is a year old, spade and declawed, and when you hold your hand out to her, or call her, she leans in and comes to you and purrs with her mouth open while she drools! it's a beautiful thing! she will be our second cat, and i have high hopes that satchmo will come to love her...he gets along quite well with my mom's cat, walter, so that is in our favor. but this brings me to today's vote! kitty needs a name...
the shelter gave her a name, but she's only had it couple of weeks, so i am giving her a new one, but i am torn! naming is one of the most fun, (and difficult!), things for me. i wanted to name her "pumpkin", but curtis is leaning toward 'billie' - after billie holliday, to go with satchmo (louis armstrong). then we'd have two classic jazz musician names...and i get it, they go together, but she is a very sweet and lovable girl, and i feel like 'pumpkin' is so totally appropriate! i know, i know, it's not rocket science, but still! i care! so i am taking a vote... 'pumkin' or 'billie'? your vote counts! although, i'll be honest, i retain veto power! :) ha!
i hope you all had a lovely christmas - bring on the new year!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

4 more sleeps!

hooray! only 4 more sleeps til christmas!

now that i am a grown up and a mother, the reasons i love christmas eve have changed. as a child, it was waking up to piles of wrapped gifts and a mom, it is equally magical to be the one hauling down bags of brightly colored boxes from various closets, arranging them under the tree so that the really good ones are at the back, and everyone's names are evenly distributed. i really feel like santa - it's quite glorious! i like to sit a look at the wealth of trinkets and baubles (and the few really good things), and the lumpy stockings filled to makes me realize again how rich my life is, even during the months when bills pile up. it makes me realize that there are a lot of different names under my tree - a family full of love who love to be together. it makes me thankful. so, thank you God for all of this - all you've done for us. for the birth of your Son all those years ago...even though i don't always live out of it, that birth changed my life. thank you.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

peace on earth

ok - i know not posting but once every 10 days isn't going to earn faithful visits to the porch here, but i was waiting to see if anyone would comment on my last post...i so enjoyed writing it! *sigh* oh, well.

merry christmas!! only 5 more sleeps to go! i had a small gathering of my intimate friends last night...we had chocolate fondue fountain (mmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!), gifts and many nice things said about each of us. they are my peeps and i love them. that's what i wish for this christmas...that you will find yourself surrounded by the people you love - who know you and like you anyways - and that this year will bring strength to all of those relationships.

and peace on earth. i hope you see Jesus this rae

Thursday, December 14, 2006

the real deal, at last!

i know, i know...i've been lazy lately. i haven't really posted, and i'm sorry! if it makes you feel better, i haven't exactly been lounging around on my couch watching tv. although, that is exactly what i did this morning!! for the first morning in at least 20, i was un-booked. i didn't have anyone with any expectations of me - no appointments, meetings, children, urgent groceries, overdue library books - my gifts are mostly bought, (and there is a plan for the remainder!) and my day stretches ahead of me in glorious freedom! so yes! i sat on my butt and watched 'bones' which i dvr'd last night since we were out (again). and it was lovely! and i was just now cleaning off and dusting the computer desk when i felt the non-blogging guilt, and so here i am! hooray, me!

first, a muscial recommendation! i have a new favorite band - leeland - and i think you will like them too! the lead singer and writer is a BOY CHILD who looks about 11, although they say he is 18. yeah, right. (of course, it could be i'm just getting old) 'the sound of melodies' and 'carried to the table' are two of the best tracks, but it is a really well rounded cd! from sort of alt-pop stuff, to retro/bright 70's sound, to beautiful ballads...and very lyrically thoughtful. i give them two thumbs way up! they were grammy nominated this year for best pop/contemporary gospel album, and i hope they win! go, leeland!

now - Christmas recommendations. i recently gave some festive thought to Jesus. we are all about the gifts of the magi and little drummer boy, and what will you give Jesus this year, but i've been thinking about what would Jesus want me to give to my family and friends this year? reflecting on the story of the 'water into wine' story in the bible, here are some of my conclusions. Jesus would want me to honor my family (like he honor's his mom by turning water into wine as she asked, even though he said it wasn't his time), to be someone who adds life to the party (like he did by extending the celebration with more wine - you go, Jesus!) and to help other people shine (the groom, not Jesus, got the credit for the wine). so, i am going to be a life bringing, respect giving, glory sharing party animal! (and i may bring wine wherever i go, too!) if i can do it, you can do it to! let's get our Christmas on!

randomly, a cleaning recommendation. i was dusting and polishing this morning, and accidentally got some pledge on the hardwood floor along my stair railing. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS! that spot on the floor is SOOOOO SLIPPERY! barefoot or sockfooted, it is ridiculous! keep the pledge off the floor people!

there. i feel better. phew! a real post!

Monday, December 11, 2006

wouldn't it be nice

it really is a cat's life... don't you wish this was the sum of your life today?

Saturday, December 09, 2006

bigger & better

hooray! i figured out how to make it bigger! see - i am in that picture!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

hooray, girls!

these are my 'peeps'. (can white girls have peeps?) these are the women in my life who i cry with, celebrate with, share purses with...they are fierce, funny, amazing, generous, refreshing and fabulous girls! who knew i'd end up with such friends? this picture is from my birthday last weekend...we went to dinner and stayed overnight in the city - thanks, heather! - eating cookies in our pj's, drinking 'fat bastard' chardonnay and watching chick flicks ordered from pay-per-view. i have only brothers, and i got married so young that i missed that kind of girl thing, and now that i've had a taste of! so this is what sisterhood is! hooray for girls!
(uncle new zealand - i don't know if you can tell, but i am wearing the necklace and top you gave me for my birthday! i was hot!)