Friday, November 21, 2008

for cynthia

here we are, me and cyn, back in the day!

hmmm. maybe i should have put on makeup before i took my own picture? ah, well. raw and real, right?! this is me today - after a long friday that included the gym, the store, lunch with a friend and various and sundry running around. and we are having company for dinner tonight...

this is my house - view from the street. we rake a lot of leaves in the fall...

this is because i told you i'd be honest, cyn. but in my defense, i find homes in the south severely lacking in closet space. this is the Closet of Shame.

brace yourself.

heaven help me!

this my vanity - i am a big fan of the bracelet, as you can tell! i couldn't bring myself to photograph my closet... sorry. :)

this is my bathroom window - love the pink! love curtis for letting me paint our bathroom pink! the little teacup on the floor is the only receptacle our cat, satchmo, will drink out of. he's weird.

this is my bed! and i really do try to keep it made - honest! hey - i showed you the Closet of Shame! why would i lie about my bed??

these are my girls! they come in two brown haired, brown eyed styles. bendy...

and not bendy.

but both styles come with mess. this is the Playroom of Shame. i usually just shut the door and walk away.

this is meg's room. she's the bendy one.

this is kyra's room. she is the no-so-bendy one.

this is the view from my deck. here is where we see the deer, foxes, snakes, black widows, praying mantis', etc. we love the yard!

this is curtis' workspace (but my computer desktop paper, with the little rat... cute, huh?) it looks over the yard. and it's always chaotic. *sigh* it wouldn't but me so much if it weren't in the living room...

ooo - the dining room! i love the dining room. usually it's pristine, but we are collecting up odds and ends to take to KY for thanksgiving. so far this is kid craft stuff, presents for my dad, and some vino.

my kitchen table - roses and fruit. notice i have abandoned the fruit bowl once and for all. i just put the fruit in the middle of the table - it leads to a far smaller accumulation of crap! :)

stupid birds. fezzik is in the blue cage on top of the fridge, next to where the real cage hangs, while we wait for inigo's feathers (and self-esteem) to come back. *sigh*

this is satchmo - usually he is bounding around like he's on crack, but i happened to catch him coming out of a sunny nap in meg's room. dozy kitty.

this is my front hall. it makes me happy. i love scarves. scarves and bracelets.

pig of happiness! best book ever!

here is my chair. my chair and holly's chair. this is where the magic happens. i sit in this chair, with holly all tucked in beside me, and write this blog (i am here right now, and she is all furry and purring - it's a good life!), send emails, surf the web, read (note the books under the little table - they are my "on the go" books) and generally chill.

there you have it! i forgot to take a picture of my built in bookshelves upstairs, but i'm too lazy (and holly is too cozy beside me) to get up and fix that. so you'll have to use your imagination! :) i hope you enjoyed the tour! :)


Krissi said...

I would be the not-so-bendy kind. And no hard feelings about the closet. I wouldn't take pictures of mine either!

No dogs? You should have a dog. Well, unless you shouldn't. In which case, don't.

Kim said...

This was cool. Really beautiful home, Rae, and it shows your beautiful personality too! Thanks for being so brave and being the first one to do it. And you're looking pretty foxy yourself...

Breezy said...

Very fun! I loved my tour/meet & greet. I'm pumped to do one myself...maybe tomorrow =)

Liam (and his mom) said...

When I logged on, I GASPED! She did it, she did it!!! YIPPY!!!! Seeing "for cynthia" at the top actually gave me a lump in my throat. Yes, I'm that lame.

As I slowly scrolled through pictures of your life, I noticed (in no particular order): GAH, your beautiful girls. Sweet, adorable, Bendy and Non-bendy. I had no idea you changed their names! They just get more lovely, don't they?

I saw the group of pictures on your dining room wall. The group of pictures I want on MY wall, but can't ever seem to achieve the right balance to suit me. So I'm going to download the picture of your dining room, enlarge it, and hang the whole thing up on my wall. "What do you mean, our family looks different, aunt Martha? I have no idea what you're talking about! Just look away."

I noticed the teacup of water for your cat. My mom has a tupperwear container of water in her bathtub for her cat. And my cat won't even drink water! If we didn't feed him wet food, he'd turn into a solid brick. Cats ARE weird! But we love them.

I LOVE your house! Do all houses in the south look like that? Its crazy beautiful, and I want it. Its like a doll house that YOU get to live in. Did I mention I want it? I want it.

Finally, I noticed your lovely face. The face from our youth, that really hasn't changed. I liked it then, and I like it now. Thanks for doing this, Rae. Now excuse me while I go clean my house like a mad woman. You can't stop me! Muwahahaha!

Love you!

Liam (and his mom) said...

Oh, I almost forgot! The closet of shame shall be put to shame by my ROOM of shame... that is, if I can even open the door. I kid you not.

... stay tuned.

Liam (and his mom) said...

Okay, are you TRYING to make me cry??? *sniff*

I think the reason I didn't comment on the playroom of shame is because it looks EXACTLY like Liam's only with much more pink. And since I've become an expert at ignoring this particular room, I've mistakenly ignored yours. Shant happen again!

Wouldn't a visit be amazing? Do you think we'd laugh much? Ah, the memories of sitting on your parents porch, eating nanimo bars from the pan, slicing open your hand, rushing to the hospital, are all flooding back as we speak.... I miss you too.

Sarah said...

This was a rather fun tour! I smiled when I got to the bendy child and guffawed when I scrolled down to the not-so-bendy one. Hilarious.

Light said...

wow you are daring...I can't even bring myself to post a photo of me online. It's so good to know you are like me!

Angela said...

Amazing ... what Rae didn't mention is that she painted and decorated that whole joint herself! *sigh* my house is still the same dingy miserable white that it came with.

jd said...

"Do all houses in the south look like that?"

*Looks around* Maybe so, but not all townhouses in the south look like doll houses. I mean, have you ever seen a doll townhouse?

This post certainly took some effort and I must recognize and reward that with a comment!

PS: I am also a "not bendy" child.