Saturday, August 01, 2009

mini me

ah, meg.... my little mini me.

not a day passes lately that doesn't find her sitting in her room on her pink fuzzy beanbag chair, door closed, inches from her cd player, singing along and memorizing track numbers. the ones that get a lot of play are usually the love songs from her favorites: india.arie, alicia keys & zoe girl... though she does love a little kirk franklin (smart girl!). nothing like hearing your 9yr old crooning, "... tomorrow we'll pick up the pieces/start to mend our broken lives/slow kiss, high tide/make it a long goodbye..."


Krissi said...

Reminds me of the stuff I listened to and sang along with as a kid. WAY beyond my level of comprehension! Kids are so fabulous.

Cynthia said...

Yup, that pretty much sums up how I remember you, Rae. Except It was a Walk-man!

Marilyn said...

When she was here she would do that for hours. Kyra would read and Meg would sing. I loved it too.

When she was done she would smile. Just go around smiling ... for quite a long time.

Who needs Prozac?

Did I mention I LOVE The Girls? and their MOM?

Jen.Rice said...

Oh, how I love india, too!:-) He heals me/He knows the real me/And he accepts me/He never hurts me.