Monday, September 21, 2009

proust questionnaire

made popular by the 19th century french writer, marcel proust, it's designed to give others insight into your personality.

your favorite virtue: integrity
your favorite qualities in a man: humor, honesty, Godliness, integrity & humility, loyalty
your favorite qualities in a woman: authenticity, humor, non-competitiveness
your chief characterisic: loyalty
what you appreciate most in your friends: dependability, acceptance of my whole self, laughing
your main fault: pride/stubborness
your idea of happiness: a tropical beach & nothing to do
your favorite occupation: teacher/speaker
your idea of misery: chaotic, loud, frantic
if not yourself, who would you be: a house cat
where would you like to live: right here
your favorite color & flower: red & stargazer lilies
your favorite prose authors: lee child, carol o'connell, brett battles, meg cabot
your favorite poets: vincent, sara groves
your favorite heros in fiction: jack reacher, westley "dread pirate roberts", inigo
your favorite heroines in fiction: kathy mallory
your favorite food & drink: steak, chocolate, dumplings, red wine, diet pepsi, fruity martini's
your favorite names: jacob, isaiah, kate, luca
what i hate the most: belittling
what history characters i hate the most: the boys who incited the crusades, and the holocaust
the natural talent i'd like to be gifted with: flying
how i wish to die: old, surrounded by family and friends who have loved me my whole life
what is your present state of mind: tired & sore
for what fault have you most toleration: opinionated
your favorite motto: nos cedamus Amori (now let us yield to Love)

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Krissi said...

I find this stuff so fascinating.