Tuesday, October 20, 2009

chapter 3 - lost & lonely

all of your friends get A's. but you try your best and get a B.

or, all of your friends went somewhere cool this summer, like disney world or mexico, and you just went to your friend's house & to visit your grandma who lives in georgia, or west virginia.

then they ask you, "where did you go this summer? i went to mexico!" or they say, "i got an A in math! what did you get?"

but you don't think you're ready to tell them you just went to raleigh, or that you got a B. but you don't want to hurt their feelings, either, by saying "no! this is none of your business!" what do you say?

if you want, you could just say, "um, i didn't go anywhere fun, but i went to raleigh." if you're uncomfortable saying that, just say something like, "well, nowhere as fun as kentucky." or "i'll try to tell you later." but the truth is, it does not matter. it is your life, and you know that even though you only got a B you did your best. and no matter what, remember that you probably had just as much fun as her, even if you didn't go somewhere fancy!


Annie said...

I *heart* Meg and her wisdom :)

kcrouth said...

this made my heart smile really big :-D

Krissi said...

I was in Wilmore all summer. I need Meg's help.

Breezy said...

I really think you should look into getting this published. There are websites that will print and bind the book (if I were helpful I'd pass those sites along-hey Meg, perhaps a chapter on being helpful or offering/receiving advice. I could use the tips!) At any rate, even if you didn't send it off to a publishing company for the whole wide world market, she could donate one to the local library and even her school library. I really think people should read this!

rachel said...

breezy... shhhhh.... but my mom is going to do it for meg for christmas! woot!

Breezy said...

Leave it to me to state the obvious and something someone has already thought about =) hehehe...yippee!