Sunday, June 20, 2010

the blues brothers

from right to left:

rick, josh, curtis, justin & dennis.

i love these boys... for each of their talents, their creativity, the joy that glows out of them when they play, their humor & for how they have supported curtis with their time, energy & gifts. i have heard curtis come home after serving with them, on innumerable occasions, "man... i love playing with (insert name here)! they are so fantastic!"

you boys have given him great, great joy! and i know he is counting on you being a part of his life for a long time!


Rick said...

Everybody hang on to those hats, I am sure we'll use them again!


syrinx said...

Well said, Rachel. They're a good crew.

kcrouth said...

and... they're on a mission from God! woo-hoo!