Saturday, July 24, 2010

dinner with friends

tonight our new church, ekklesia, made and served dinner at the rescue mission downtown. we had a very wise volunteer, sabrina, who suggested that instead of making the easiest large crowd dinner, we ought to cook as though we were having friends over to our home. this lead to our menu of shoulder round roast, stuffed potatoes, green beans with carmelized onion and bacon, and a variety of homemade desserts & cakes. it was cooked with love, and served with love. (hollaaa to marissa, melissa & sabrina for getting it all together!)

as we were driving home, curtis remarked that if he were going to write a script about how a church should start, it would start with a night like tonight. and just so happens that we did. it was messy and chaotic and fun... and beautiful.

i wish you could have come for dinner.

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