Friday, August 06, 2010

life can be strange.

i was sitting outside starbucks, purse slung across my lap waiting for tenea, and beside me at the next table were two 30-something, hip, vaguely lebenese looking guys with laptops. they got up to leave and one of them said, "you have a nice purse." i only half heard him and kept my eyes scanning the parking lot. but he was insistent. "you have a nice purse." mildly confused, i nodded my agreement.

then he said, rather emphatically, "brown!"

"um... yep."

smiling - satisfied? - he repeated himself, "brown," and they walked off into the sunset.

my weirdest interaction all day. by a mile.

and on a completely different topic, today is our 16th anniversary! sixteenth. man alive. when you're just a kid getting married, your 16th anniversary feels like a millenia away... but it turns out it's not. not really.

i think that curtis and i are lucky. we really actually like each other after all these years. there are no elephants in the room, no land mines to creep around, no unforgiven hurts. plenty of hurts, to be sure, but none left festering unforgiven. i think in most ways we have an ordinary marriage; but because it's our marriage i can't helping thinking that in some ways it's a little bit extraordinary. :)

so here's to the next 16! as we head out on our new adventure of ekklesia & life, there's no one i would rather adventure with than you, curtis. ... at least 9 days out of 10... :) xoxo

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