Sunday, July 17, 2011

oh, crap.

it hit home tonight, twice.

the first time was when we walked into our local k-mart (target, i miss you!), and there in front of us was a rack full of "sanderson spartan" gear - sanderson being the high school kyra will be at this fall. she eagerly picked out a cute t (and paid for it herself), giddy at the thought of school spirit and high school and who knows what else. then, on to kroger. where a very friendly young cashier asked me if The Girls were my daughters. smiling, i said yes... only to be dismayed as he turned to kyra and his friendliness morphed into flirtatiousness, and he asked her if she was SEVENTEEN!! seventeen. 17. one - seven. she giggled... giggled & blushed... and preened. like some sort of cockatiel!

watching her as i paid for my groceries, i realized there was no going back. my little girl is a teenager. oh, crap...

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