Monday, September 25, 2006

and a little child shall lead them

ahhh, meg.... my little meg. so young, and so wise! The Girls were apparently having a discussion with curtis about what they could do to perk me up (i had been feeling weary with life), and settled upon having a babysitter come over so curtis could take me out on a date. as they told me this, meg looked up at me and said (somewhat disdainfully), 'i suggested shoes, but daddy wanted something more romantic.' shoes! what a wise young woman! clearly, cute shoes make the world a better place, and there are very few things i love more than new, cute shoes! i have been given cute shoes as gifts a few times in recent years, and i can honestly say they made my whole week! so meg, you go girl! keep on suggesting that daddy buy me shoes! you know i'll share them with you when your feet catch up to mine! :) mommy loves you, baby!


Sabrina said...

Haha! Very cute!

casey said...

you've taught her well!

Anonymous said...

Meg is mine.

I tried that "Celebrity Look-a-like" thing, and apparently I look 71% like some named "Petra Nemcova". I'm slightly bothered by this.


rachel said...

ha! you have to select 'male' look alikes, silly boy! but don't feel too of kyra's was fred savage! :)