Saturday, September 09, 2006

tiny tiny chickens!

look at the tiny, tiny chickens! these are the un-basted, un-cooked rock game hens i cooked for last night's soiree! aren't they cute! even naked they are cute! i stuffed them with apricots and pecans, and basted with a corn syrop/consumme mix. mm-mm good! then i made a spicy sausage & green bean sautee with garlic and onion, and black rice - and christine brought glazed carrots, jennifer brought salad, and sabrina, the dessert mystic, made a glorious fruit parfait served (festively!) in martini glasses! it was glorious! we turned the dining room into a 'salon' with all the soft livingroom furniture and served appetizers, and set out banquet tables in the livingroom, set with all sorts of glorious things! i was too busy to take pictures, but sabrina may have, and i will get her to send them to me! :) hooray!

this may have to become a semi-regular event!

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