Wednesday, December 20, 2006

4 more sleeps!

hooray! only 4 more sleeps til christmas!

now that i am a grown up and a mother, the reasons i love christmas eve have changed. as a child, it was waking up to piles of wrapped gifts and a mom, it is equally magical to be the one hauling down bags of brightly colored boxes from various closets, arranging them under the tree so that the really good ones are at the back, and everyone's names are evenly distributed. i really feel like santa - it's quite glorious! i like to sit a look at the wealth of trinkets and baubles (and the few really good things), and the lumpy stockings filled to makes me realize again how rich my life is, even during the months when bills pile up. it makes me realize that there are a lot of different names under my tree - a family full of love who love to be together. it makes me thankful. so, thank you God for all of this - all you've done for us. for the birth of your Son all those years ago...even though i don't always live out of it, that birth changed my life. thank you.

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casey said...

1) picture
2) wishes to Jesus
3) love in your family!
Hooray for Christmas!