Wednesday, December 06, 2006

hooray, girls!

these are my 'peeps'. (can white girls have peeps?) these are the women in my life who i cry with, celebrate with, share purses with...they are fierce, funny, amazing, generous, refreshing and fabulous girls! who knew i'd end up with such friends? this picture is from my birthday last weekend...we went to dinner and stayed overnight in the city - thanks, heather! - eating cookies in our pj's, drinking 'fat bastard' chardonnay and watching chick flicks ordered from pay-per-view. i have only brothers, and i got married so young that i missed that kind of girl thing, and now that i've had a taste of! so this is what sisterhood is! hooray for girls!
(uncle new zealand - i don't know if you can tell, but i am wearing the necklace and top you gave me for my birthday! i was hot!)

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Angela said...

that's a very small picture ... I can't even tell if you were there! ;-)