Friday, June 20, 2008

the best 8 year old ever!

sorry it's been a while... i've been too tired to type....

but moving on! meg is the most fun 8yr old ever. she is my little fashionista; a drama queen; a laugh a minute; and so totally cool & brave. this week, she found 2 dead snakes - a poisonous copperhead & a ribbon snake - and put them in her purse (she was mid-bike ride) to bring home and make sure we all got to see them.

then she began working on turning them into skeletons, so she can keep them forever. using the "wisdom" of her uncle vincent, we've been letting the bugs have their way with them, covering them at night to protect them from dew & critters. after one day of this, we had already partially skeletonized snakes!

but, alas, upon returning from errands this morning, she discovered that some bold (and desperate!) critter had snatched the half decomposed ribbon snake in broad daylight...leaving her only with one snake skeleton. she was heartbroken, truly. but at least it was the copperhead - it's a far more interesting snake as far as she's concerned. she keeps saying to me, "i bet not every house has it's own snake skeleton!"

indeed, megan, indeed.


Angela said...

I concur that she's the best 8 year old ever. She was THE MOST AMAZING helper for me with the two little ones this morning. You have a jewel, Rachel. A JEWEL.

Light said...

I give you ALOT of credit for even being able to support this idea! I wouldn't want a snake in my house at all! Good luck with the second snake!

jd said...

i bet not every house has it's own snake skeleton!

That's what they used to say about televisions or refrigerators. Just wait about five or ten years.