Friday, June 06, 2008

here come my 15 minutes

i got interviewed for the news today! how fun is that? i am taking a fitness class at a local gym that is being featured in the "health" section of the news, reminding people to stay active even though it is ONE HUNDRED AND THREE DEGREES outside. granted, we had a lovely, cool spring, but this heat exploded upon us, and i don't think we were prepared at all. but back to me... i'm going to be famous! :) sort of...well, not really... i'll probably get cut... but it was my first news interview, and darn it all, i am proud of it! wral @ 5:30 next thursday people - be there or be square! :)

in other news, vincent has a shocking story about
elephants in kansas that's definitely worth reading... if only for the pictures! i have no idea where he finds this stuff...

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Ren said...

Ok, I guess my previous question won't get answered. (Previous Vincent blog, "Where does he find this stuff?")