Tuesday, August 05, 2008

time flies when you're having fun

we can't really believe it - tomorrow is our 14th anniversary! yes, you read that right, fourteen. somehow that seems entirely too long, and yet not long enough. we've covered a lot of ground in our marriage, literally & figuratively - from edmonton to miami, back to edmonton and now in north carolina. we've managed to raise two beautiful daughters fairly successfully so far - tho we have yet to reach the teen years! our love has survived financial meltdowns, big fights over little things, the (very rare!) hormonal outburst, my putting garbage in the sink, his not putting away the laundry, job stress, differences of opinion in the important things & the foolish things, the usual extended family things, babies, insecurities, and all the accompanying life of 14 years.

and if life gave me a do-over, i would choose him again. no one could love me as well, (or put up with me as well?), as curtis. he is a secure foothold for me in a shifting sand world. he believes in me - in my dreams and my abilities. he knows the real me, with all my small (and big) craziness, my flaws, fears & insecurities, and he loves me anyways. i don't have to be anything i'm not with him, and he can handle all that i am. no small feat.

most of our 14 years have been unremarkable - the romantic & astonishing moments are far outweighed by life day to day, working life out together. but it reminds me of a lyric or two from a sara groves song: "loving a person just the way they are is no small thing...let's find out the beauty of seeing things through..." thanks, curtis, for loving me just the way i am - and let's do find out the beauty of seeing this through the next 14 years... love me.


Curtis Mulder said...

you ... are a GREAT woman.
I am lucky.

Marilyn said...

you are both lucky. to have me! ... .just kidding.
love that you keep on keeping on... love that you found each other ... love that you gave us The Girls ... love that you can go out tomorrow without getting a sitter, love that you give of yourselves in huge ways ... love that I never worry about your being solid ...even when you are not solid. Do something fun tomorrow and remember who you are. Mum

Fran Helpingstine said...

Rachel - what a beautiful tribute to your husband. You guys are blessed to have each other, to know what real love is. Thanks for sharing from your heart!

Annie said...

Yay! Congrats to the both of you :0) It is an awesome thing to see real couples in real love!! Many many more happy years together.

Lloyd & Sharon said...

Happy Anniversary, Rachel and Curtis! I remember your wedding . . . many moons ago now. I also remember helping with the foyer reception afterward! It's beautiful to see that your love has flourished through the ordinary as well as the extraordinary (since that's life most of the time!).

Wishing you many more years of great marriage, wherever God takes you!

Benji Kelley said...

I'd say Curtis already received his anniversary gift with this post. Quite beautiful, and moving, and true.

And Curtis' response, "you...are a GREAT woman. I am lucky," also very true. Happy Anniversary to you both. I am thankful God sent into our lives.

Liam (and his mom) said...

Aw, happy day!!!!

I remember walking in on you two sucking face in your parents basement approximately 15 years ago. I suspect nothing has changed! Congratulations, you silly kids!


syrinx said...

Nice... congrats, you two! And I love the pic :-)

*marissa* said...

awwwwww!!!!!!! need i say more??

Heather said...

tears....and ice cream.

ps- i'm watching this show "Jail" right now and the officer just asked this lady 'do you have any tattoos', and she said "i have a tiger on my left breast".