Saturday, April 11, 2009

fashion conscious worship

this is my first "catch up" blog post - letting you know what's been going on around here since lent began!

so, have you heard of 'apple bottom jeans'?

these are jeans designed for "celebrating and liberating the natural curves of a woman's body..." basically, if they have a lot of room for the junk in your trunk, if you know what i mean! :)

now, have you heard of curtis? my husband? the tall, fashion oblivious canadian boy? the one who thinks shopping for clothes in bulk at sam's club is a good idea? well, he was leading the first worship rehearsal in the building, and in an effort to get all the sound people on the same page he said, with his arms flung out, "we are going for apple bottom worship here, people! we want to have a big bottom end!"



Sarah said...

See...when we made the transition from apple bottom jeans to Curtis, I was hoping that the story was going to involve him buying such jeans for himself at Sam's club....but I suppose this is funny as well :)

Marilyn said...

see...they just want us to THINK they don't notice... I am going to chuckle all night at that one.

jd said...

I was with Sarah...

apple bottoms said...

mhmh, I heard about that jeans, and it seems really cool. whenever I wear that jeans, I looks sexy and very attractive. that's one of the reason why some girls want to wear that. i like the style of the apple bottoms. keep it up!