Friday, April 17, 2009

if we all did what little we could do...

i just picked my girls & mayia up from youth, where tonight they scrubbed, disinfected and in many other ways spiffed up old shoes. runners, crocs, flip flops, dress shoes - all collected from folks with too many shoes for those with none at all. 'kicks for community' was started by two college atheletes from unc who are now gathering shoes from anywhere they can get their hands on them to drive down to mexico, to give out to those who lack what we consider the most minimal necessities.

i was there a little early to pick them up, and it was truly beautiful to see a group of kids scrubbing their knuckes raw, beautifying these old shoes and making them into something more than just a pair of sneakers... making them, instead, a gift of love.

bri & emmalie, you are doing something beautiful here. thank you for letting my girls be a part of it.

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