Friday, April 09, 2010

i got peed on by a rat today

(seriously. i did. right on my leg.)

so - big news! curtis and i are going to the luxury vacation destination of ... wait for it... indianapolis! that's right - curtail your jealousy! we are going for 4 fabulous days and nights, filled with all the fun that "church planter assessment" can contain!

er... right. "fun".

well, the fun part is, for those of you who hadn't yet heard, curtis and i are planting a church! equal parts "whoohoo!" and "oh no!" :) in preparation for this week of "joy", we've already taken:

leadership style inventories
personality inventories
strength assessments
conflict resolution assessments
self-assessment questionnaires

we are going to be so full of knowledge by the end of next week!

i did hear that at least one wife has stormed out of the proceedings, hailed a cab and literally flew home without her luggage or her husband, she was so riled. so i've got that to look forward to, too.

at least the rat likes me?

(if you'd like to hear about our plans, or how you can support us, just leave me a note in the comment section! thanks!)


Krissi said...

Keep me updated. I'd like to hear how it's going. Your mother told me about your new church planting adventure while at the Maundy Thursday service. I gave her quite the look, and she said, "Oh, see, YOU know." Blessings and grace upon you!

Cynthia said...

I'm here for you, baby! And so excited to be on the sidelines watching this journey that you're on. I am your cheering section, listener of possible(and probable)rants, prayer warrior, and cheque writer. Love you!

Annie said...

WOOT! prayers abound & surround :)