Sunday, April 18, 2010

parental shame

this is the handwritten note kyra will take to school tomorrow morning. verbatim.

"to whom it may concern:

i received, and signed, kyra's report card/ib assessment. then i promptly misplaced it. perhaps even threw it away in a flurry of housework. sorry about that. please don't penalize kyra for my hastiness.

thank you."


what kind of mother needs to write that note?!


Anonymous said...

at least you didn't have to write it twice :o !

Light said...

a responsible who remembers that she threw it away instead of misplacing it. as a past teacher of 2nd graders, I would rather receive that note than a note stating that the parent never received it. I hope all goes well tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

well... atleast u wrote a note so dont worry about it. But the important thing to remember is to not misplace it next time :) God still loves u


Angela said...

or, spoken as a teacher of 3rd graders, better than arguing with a parent about how he/she KNOWS that it was turned in and *I* must have lost it, when that wasn't what happened at all -- trust me, you're one of the "good" parents :-)

Krissi said...

silly paperwork. I will be that parent someday, I can guarantee it. oh my.

Vincent said...

Here's what I would have written:

"Dear principals and teachers of whatever school Kyra goes to:

Kiss the fattest part of my ass. Kyra is the smartest kid in your low rent no-child-left-behindery.

Uncle V"

Bigmac said...

Bad parent clearly.

BTW - you have also been to the world headquarters of Nike!

Johnny D. said...

Light and Angela basically wrote my comment for me. Thanks, ya'll. I'll just add that you're not only responsible and considerate of kyra's teacher, but you're a parent who cares about what your child will go through when they confronted by her teacher. She will continue to be proud of having a mom like you :)