Sunday, May 23, 2010

i am a terrible mother

ah, sweet meg.

she has horrible, horrible chicken pox. disfiguring chicken pox. sore, itchy, miserable, fever-ridden, burst-into-tears chicken pox.

curtis said he just wants to pick her up in a ball and comfort her. he has been home a total of 6 of her waking hours of the last 2 days.

the rest of them have been me. and while i am filled with honest compassion for her chicken pockery, i just want it to stop. the only one more miserable than me right now is meg. i know that she is much more miserable than me, i really do. i love her more than words can express, & i care a LOT. however, there is only so much back rubbing and calamine lotion-ing and sympathy expressing i have in me for chicken pox. not for meg, just for chicken pox. this much hands-on, pox-tending, "mo-om!" caring takes a lot out of you.

*sigh* i am a terrible mother.


Anonymous said...

1. your not a terrible mother. and yes chicken pox DO suck! i still have scars from when i was little when i had the chicken pox. hope she gets better she did tell me she wasnt feeling good on her email. :)

love sporty#9

Annie said...

caring for a sick kiddo takes A LOT out of a mom, you are NOT a bad mom you are a GREAT mom! molly is home sick today with a cruddy tummy & it's all i can do to not think about all the stuff i "should" be doing (like work & groceries & car repairs) when i AM doing what i should be doing, comforting, & caring for my moaning & groaning unwell teen :(
take heart the pops are on the way out!! xo