Saturday, December 31, 2011

new year, new blog?

recently i've had several friends say that i should start blogging again... what a lovely sentiment! :) i would hesitate to call it "popular demand", but i think blogging again is one of my 2012 plans. woot! i must warn you,  my little community of readers, that it will probably be different this time around. i started blogging for my own sake, then as a way to share my life with my brother, and my overall tone was always intentionally lighthearted. i think i only want to come back to blogging if i allow myself to be more real, you know? not just the happy & fluffy, but also the hard and painful. more a true reflection of life. i hope you'll stay with me, fellow humans, and comment and suggest and enjoy reading. maybe we can make a little community of people on the porch... but let's start by being honest. we're probably going be drinking wine at least as often as we're going be drinking coffee. :)

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Cynthia said...

YES!!! :o)