Sunday, January 01, 2012

backwards & forwards

happy new year, guys! (btw - how is it that i went to bed after 1am, and am already up and coherent? there is something wrong here...)

i gotta be honest, 2011 was a really hard year at our house. (maybe that's why i stopped blogging? it was too hard to be lighthearted.) there was seemingly endless transition, anxiety & stress, and a new crisis every time i turned around. i will spare you the gory details, but my overwhelming sense looking back on 2011 is "oh my gosh. i can't believe we survived this year. i can't believe we're still standing!"  however... i would be remiss if i didn't also acknowledge some of the gifts that accompanied this year.

the first that leaps to mind is killing a stuffed cow with ferocity even as i type this. ah, swagger. my darling darling dog! i love her. sometimes i am bowled over with love for her! curtis thinks i might even love her more than sleep! (what!?!?) i love how she brings our family together - walking around the lake, playing in the yard, strolling around the block - and how she makes the whole house happier. curtis says you can't be grumpy when there's a happy dog wagging at you. :)

then there's the gift of having made it. having overcome all the challenges together has led to a quietly renewed sense of "us" - of marriage identity and family identity. team mulder, alive and well.

i got to spend a whole week at the beach with my family... including mark & tina and The Twins. it was glorious.

i started a new, full-time job. while it sort of sucks to be a working mom, it is also a job that saved our financial life. it is definitely a gift.

i have learned, and am learning, a lot in my spiritual direction class. to quote celine dion (heaven help me), 'there were moments so golden, there were flashes of light..." :)

so bring it, 2012. bring your challenges and your gifts. i have my family and my dog and my God, nevermind the other beautiful, wonderful people that populate my life. who could ask for anything more?


Light said...

Welcome back to the blogging world. I look forward to reading your posts both happy and sad. Just life posts.

Vincent said...

No mention of the brother who kindly adopted the cat who stood in the way of dog happiness?