Tuesday, June 21, 2016

...In the event of your kidnapping, please note that Habitat for Humanity will not pay any ransom demand...

Anne lives in the Salima district, a widow with 6 children ranging in age from an infant to 15. She farms to support her family. They live in a cracked and falling apart house with a grass thatched roof that leaks heavily during the rains and has no latrine or sanitation, and not all of the family can stay in the home at once.

Pelepetuwa is a widow in the Salima district who is raising her 5 children in the Salima district. Her home collapsed in the rains and they have had to move into her oldest daughter's house. The dirt floor, one room house has no windows and poor ventilation, and now houses 10 members of the family.

These are the two families we will be (trying!) to build homes for on our trip to Malawi. Leaving Friday, we arrive Saturday morning and will be met by local Habitat staff. The village we will be working in is one that Habitat Malawi is already working in, having identified it as a community of vulnerable people groups. If you are a person who prays, please pray for our trip! If you are not a prayer, please hold good thoughts and wish us well!

I will be updating this blog as I am able - we'll see what kind of inter-web-tubes are available to us!

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