Thursday, June 23, 2016


tomorrow is the big departure...malawi, here i come!

i was struck by something as i drove to work this morning, running over the long list of things to remember as i was stuck in traffic. this is the first time i've packed for a trip where, if i forget my socks, i can't just run out to wal-mart and get a pair. think about that for a second. i haven't even left yet, and i am already face to face with the privilege i live with, and pretty much always take for granted. the convenience of my life and my access to ... things.

i have a lot of things. i have a lot of prividege. frankly, most of us do. what do we do with it? how do we use it? do we leverage it for others, or do we leverage it for ourselves? i like to thing i'm pretty generous, but i have a feeling that perspective is about to be adjusted.

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