Saturday, July 16, 2016

epiphany or heresay, i will be mecurial

so. there's the whole 'God made man/woman in his image', right? regardless of your beliefs, you must at least know the idea is out there? but when you ask someone - even someone who theoretically believes that - to describe God you get all kinds of descriptors that don't sound like anyone i know.

how can the daughter be like the mother without mother also being like the daughter?

what if God is like me? or like you? what if God is actually pretty funny, sensual, smart, creative and loud? i asked some of my friends a couple of years ago to describe me in one word, and looking at that list, what if those words also described God? expressive, unfiltered, mosaic, open, authentic, brave, loving...

people are always loping off parts of themselves to try to fit into whatever religious or social or cultural mold they happen to be trying to fit in - what a terrible idea. all the parts of us are so, so important - the ones that make us confident and the ones that make us utterly fragile.

instead of loping off more parts of myself to fit, i'm going to start collecting up the pieces of myself lying around and figure out how to reincorporate them. i do not want to live piecemeal anymore - i want to be whole. mercurial as that might be.

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