Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I'm back!

welcome home, me!

well, i am officially ... thirty-one! *gasp* how did that happen?? i don't feel thirty-one...i hardly feel like a grownup! but i guess i am. how strange. i was very well feted by my family, and still have festivities to look forward to! my peeps and i are spending the night at a hotel in the big city and going to dinner (and dancing!) together...a sleepover for big girls! hooray! i even have a new dress to wear...mmm...i am going to be so pretty! :) ha!

so, what's new with you? are you counting sleeps til Christmas? have you put up your tree? did you have a good thanksgiving? i don't know about where you are, but we are basking in 70 degree sunshine here in the "first in flight" state - lovely! it's hard to get into the Christmas spirit when you are mowing the lawn instead of shoveling snow! but then my m-i-l told me that it's COLD with a foot of snow up north, and i figure i can fake the warm, cozy hot chocolate feeling while i listen to 'a charlie brown Christmas'! it's definitely a price i'm willing to pay!

*sigh* it's nice to be back...merry Christmas!


Anonymous said...

You didn't mention the KILLER birthday present that your youngest (and most beloved) brother got you for your 31st birthday. Because it just so happens that I think that it was a GOOD ONE!
Uncle Vinny
ps - do my lips look a little chapped?

rachel said...

oh no!! not chapped lips! i guess tiffanie is a hit? oh dear...NO CONDOMS IN MY MURSE!

casey said...

I haven't seen you in a while, so...happy birthday! Hopefully I'll see you soon at one of the kagillion xmas parties through church. :)

rachel said...

fo sho! and just so you know, wesleyan's be darned, i am going to be FABULOUS on friday! :)