Thursday, November 30, 2006

pre-coffee me

i have a hard time with thundering elephants in the morning. it is 7:41am, i am only on my first cup of coffee, and i swear my dishes are rattling from the enthusiasm for life being expressed by The Girls upstairs. i could, technically, ask them to stop, but it would probably be a life squashing converstation, so instead, i am hiding down here, typing this. and trying to finish my coffee before i have to make sandwiches for lunches.

truth be told, i have a well deserved reputation for not being a morning person. i mean, i can fake it if i absolutely have to, but in general, it's not a pretty sight. it's like thinking through molasses (a flawed description, but none the less...) - and i swear coffee doesn't kick in as hard as it used to. i saw MRI examples in national geographic once of the brain of a coffee drinker in the morning vs. the brain of a non-coffee drinker...and the non-coffee drinker had at least 60% more of their brain being used in the morning!! of course, we catch up once the caffeine dilutes our blood, but it was very interesting!

and now there are all sorts of studies on the good effects of coffee! hooray! rich in antioxidants, lowers cholesterol, increases good hormones... so really, i don't have an addiction. i am a health nut! who knew?


Anonymous said...

That's the way I feel about my cat sometimes... he's frolicking around the apt, and I could, technically, lock him in the bathroom, but then I think, "he's just a damn cat." So I crawl back into bed and decide to skip my Shakespeare class.
Uncle V

casey said...

I have no "elephants" or cats (anymore) and I guess I can consider myself a morning person. Dan, on the other hand, is not and actually has been wearily waking up early to take me to work this week. But this is not voluntary, one of our cars is in the shop, so if he wants the car, he can wake up at 6am. :)
BTW, I have that national geographic. I heart coffee!