Tuesday, November 07, 2006

welcome home!

it feels like ages since i wrote anything, but i don't think it really has been. on a whim - or sent by God may be the more accurate description - i drove out to KY friday morning as a surprise to see my mom. i just knew she needed me... and she did. when i walked in (throwing open the door and saying, "can i use your bathroom?" at the suggestion of meg). shs said, 'of course' and looked very confused. then it dawned on her who i was, and she burst into tears! she said she hadn't known how she was going to get through her weekend, and there i was! so we spent the weekend together without any expections and at our own pace, and it really was a)relaxing, b)fun and c)a God thing. so many little things conspired together to go right that it was really astonishing as we noted each one and all the happy ripple effects of them. and then i drove home monday early. much thanks to curtis for giving me the freedom to go...he is a good boy!

i think it may finally be Fall. rainy, chilly, and the most telling sign of all, 50 dead squirrels along the side of the road. there are always plenty in the gutter, but this is nuts! (no pun intended) i don't know if the young ones come out to play in the fall, or if the cold makes them stupid, but i am dodging them left and right these days. (living and dead - i hate to add insult to injury, or death, as the case may be.) i don't mind fall at all, if i don't have to go out. but today was groceries in a downpour. sigh. as short as my hair is, even it is rebelling in the humidity! maybe i will cheer myself up by lighting a fire tonight..mmm, cozy!

i hope you are all snug and warm today!

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