Friday, September 21, 2007


i did something last night i rarely do, if ever. i indulged my inner girl without worrying about the money. i had a little pocket money, and i splurged it all on myself ... at those most holy places ... Sephora & the MAC counter! oh, but it felt good. so good. my inner girl was loving every minute - not even intimidated by the well groomed women populating the stores. i got foundation, a trial kit of a new & expensive skin care line i am optimistic about, fun bronzer, powder, and to top it off, free mascara for spending over a certain amount! yay! i cannot wait to have a shower today and play with all my new toys!! la la la!


*marissa* said...

oh so delightful!!! nothing makes me happier than buying new make-up. you should have called me, i have a sephora gift card to blow! here's to loving the diva life!

rachel said...

marissa! i TOTALLY should have called you! next time i will! what is your blog address??

Annie said...

Yay for indulging!!