Monday, September 17, 2007


last night i was awoken from my slumber by clattering in the yard, on the deck right underneath our bedroom window! alarmed, i called down to curtis (who was up watching sports on his dearly loved HDTV), who called up to me that something was in our grill! our grill sports a protective cover, so there was something under the cover, clanking around! i tore out of bed, through on some jeans and scoured the house for my camera while curtis got gloves and screwed his courage to the sticking point. camera in hand, the cover was pulled off to reveal... nothing. how anticlimatic. i put the camera away, and was halfway up the stairs when curtis hollered, "rachel rachel rachel rachel!"...i jogged back to find him pointing, wide eyed, at the corner where the deck meets the house, beside the grill. there, frightened in the bright light, cowered a large, pink nosed possum! how cool! unfortunately, my camera didn't make it back on and focused before it slunk in a panic off the deck and into the forest behind our house. later, i heard it again, and smiled into my pillow. critters welcome here.


Sarah said...

Hunh. I was planning on commenting on a possum aversion, but then googled for a creepy picture and instead learned all kinds of interesting possum facts. Darn you and your wide nature acceptance!

Anonymous said...

Critters welcome here.... I am so like that. A skunk, a possum, a rat snake ... well, not a rat snake. I think of a critter visit like a terrestrial (how do you spell that?) visitation. Nice. ME

Anonymous said...

We have all kinds of critters at our house...they are helping themselves to our cat's food! I relocated one just this morning...possum I mean. Let him terrorize another neighborhood.