Thursday, May 21, 2009

oh the things i've seen

her mousy hair is pulled back in a headband, revealing a solemn face with large eyes behind red-framed glasses. carefully following the line behind all the other 1st graders slipping beneath my gaze i almost missed her. and i would have, except for her hands.

held carefully at waist height, with the palms turned toward her body and hands clutching empty air, they bobbed every so slightly with each step. not just up and down, but a slight rocking forward motion. my eyes travelled down to her pink clad feet, and saw the most discreet hint of a stutter step - an intentional gait that was done with such grace & control that you could hardly notice it. but every tenth step or so, she would forget herself and one mighty galloping step would escape.

and so, down the hall she goes, this serious little girl quietly riding her invisible horse.


Marilyn said...

Oh that is beautiful. That is how we cope, us women. I am sitting here just stunned with it. Really. This is what we do. She is going to or from an examination I believe? And she is rescuing herself on her mighty steed.

It takes a special person to NOTICE, Rachel. You are that kind of person.

Annie said...

:0) you are a great mom with lovely girls inside and out!! <3

rachel said...

thanks, annie! but this little girl wasn't mine - just a kid in the hall while i was being a bathroom escort. :) she passed me twice, coming and going, discreetly trotting along both times. i was charmed!

Curtis Mulder said...
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Curtis Mulder said...

Having seen pictures of you as a little girl, I can so clearly imagine you riding off on your invisible horse.


Annie said...

:) awesome, but like Curtis said, it is such a Rae as the inner girl that you are thing to do so I can just imagine your girls doing it too! Big Love!