Friday, May 15, 2009



we are up to EIGHT ticks already this year - that is more than all the years previous to this combined!

ticks are disgusting, sneaky, diseased little buggers... and i hate them. the one pictured above is the female lonestar tick, most recently pulled out of kyra's hair 2 nights ago, after she came upon it while playing with her hair absentmindedly. after which her piercing screams rent the house and caused no small amount of panic. that was only number 7.

i've pulled EIGHT of them off already this year. sheesh!


Angela said...

Yeah ... I don't like those little buggers. I found one crawling up the inside of the back of my shirt the other day. Disgusting little things.

Vincent said...

Ticks are no big deal. I usually just let them do their thing. They get plump and fall off. It's not their fault that they evolved to be blood-sucking parasites!

rachel said...

ew. vincent, you are disgusting. :) :)

kcrouth said...

A friend told me that the Tobacco Trail south of the mall (near newhope church) is loaded with ticks from Spring until late Fall. I echo your disdain for these obvious byproducts of The Fall.

Annie said...

yup...ticks are everywhere this season!