Thursday, June 04, 2009

mark your calendars!

i can't believe it!

after watching me waddle onto the field, 8mo preggo with twins, and then begin with the wrong anthem, usa baseball has invited me back! frankly, i was shocked! pleasantly, obviously, but shocked none the less! so, on july 2, i will be singing the anthem for usa baseball v. guatemala! woot! who wants to come to the game??

(also obviously, this pic is from a different anthem-ing... a much thinner one! ha!)_


Sarah said...

are you sure that is a different pic? i thought maybe it was just that the black was slimming and a fortuitous camera angle....

Cynthia said...

Have somebody record you PLEASE! I haven't heard you sing in the longest time :o(

Anonymous said...

hey if curtis is going tell him to record it. I WANT TO HEAR U SING REAL REAL BAD. SPORTY

Anonymous said...

Like omg! Rae how exciting i can't believe it:) I'm glad their inviting you back congradulations! You are a really good singer and I wish I could sing as well as you could. You're an amazing singer and I love it when you sing in church it makes it sound like heaven. If I sang in front of a thousand people I would probably forget all the words cause I would be soooo nervous. I sang in front of my whole school with my friend, but that as different. Good luck!


Anonymous said...

ok sorry but i have to say something else. I love hearing u sing all the time:) Only if i could sing as good as u i would love it. SO congrats. LOVE YA SPORTY

Vincent said...

Do you have to sing the Guatemalan anthem?

"Hail thee, oh Guatemala!
Your economy is based on the export of non-traditional agricultural products and handicrafts.
Hail thee, oh Guatemala!
Home of Miguel Angel Asturias, winner of the 1967 Nobel Prize for Literature.
Hail thee, oh Guatemala!
60% of they population is Catholic, 39% Protestant, and 1% still follow traditional Mayan religion.
Hail thee, oh Guatemala!
Your second largest city is Quetzaltenango, which means Fortress of the quetzal bird which is a small parrot-like bird.
Hail thee, oh Guatemala!
Hail thee, oh Guatemala!

rachel said...

vince - you give me goosebumps with your glorious rendition...

Vincent said...

Thanks, Rae. It's a little more euphonious in Spanish.