Saturday, June 20, 2009

my love is laced up

this was going to be my last week with no kids ... dinner parties, beach trip with a girlfriend, welcome home party... but everything changed when my mom lost a dear friend to cancer, and i was needed in KY. my parents are driving 24hr (one way) to canada to attend the funeral, and The Girls are doing a super cool day camp mon-fri next week which requires a grownup for the times they aren't doing crazy camp stuff.

so i am having a different week. but not a bad one. it started with being able to be at vincent's farewell "launch" party last night, and means that i will get to spend his last week at home with him... a treat, because i love him so much. it also started with the girls sleeping over at their new friends place, so i even have a quiet morning here. i will have the days to myself, which, while it might get a little lonely, will be peaceful, too. and i will get to experience the fun of hearing all The Girls camp stories first hand - seeing their faces alight with giggles at the craziness, or wide eyed at what they accomplished.

and best of all, i am being here for my mom & dad. they have been there so much for me in my life - and now i get to, in some small way, step in and be there for them. even if my week fell apart, it would still be worth it. my friend krii said to me yesterday, "kindness is love with it's boots on." ... well, my boots are on, and ready for as long a march as is necessary.

in the words of virgil "nos cedamus Amori"... and we ourselves yeild to love.


Johnny D. said...

What a great qoute from your friend. I agree that we should be "lacing up" since love doesn't always seem easy, but always worth it :)

Krissi said...

Hope you get some restful time during this week.