Tuesday, July 21, 2009

queen of sheba

we walked in the door, and the first words out of the (beautiful!) waitresses mouth were, "would you like a table or a basket?"

curtis and i answered simultaneously, "basket!"

turns out i love Ethiopian food! and i love eating bent over a basket of fragrant smells and spicy foods, scooping it up with my fingers and the crepe-like bread... the queen of sheba is my new favorite restaurant!

you should go there - or we could meet there for lunch! it's in the tymberline plaza, by the foodlion ... it was amazing... and i highly recommend the basket over the table. you can eat at a table any old time!


Sarah said...

mmm..it looks delicious!

Annie said...

nom nom nom

Angela said...

JJ and I like Ethiopian food! We'll be your lunch dates! We got invited to an Ethiopian place once and before we got out of the car we carefully discussed whether we wanted to go to Subway or McDonald's, "In case it didn't work out." But it was so good! We did get the table, though. :-)

Marilyn said...

we went to ethiopian food with mark and tina and it was amazing. i find myself craving it....hmmmm yet another reason to come to durham. by the way - i told meg i would come and help her eat a watermelon ...do you have a report on them?