Thursday, November 19, 2009

chapter 7 - who says penguins can't fly?!

you're really excited about your piano recital on friday where you will be playing 'joy to the world', so you tell your best friend. but a bully overheard you and said, "i bet you can't do that!"

a lot of people are like, "oh yeah? wanna bet!?" hold your horses! who wants to start a fight?

maybe say, "well, i've tried really hard, so i hope i can!"

here is a poem called "it couldn't be done", by edgar a. guest:

somebody said it couldn't be done,
but he with a chuckle replied,
"maybe it couldn't"
but he'd be the one who wouldn't say til he tried.
so he buckled right in with a trace
of a grin on his face
if he worried, he hid it
he started to sing as he tackled the thing
that couldn't be done
but he did it.
there are thousands to tell you it cannot be done,
there are thousands to prophesy failure,
there are thousands to point out to you one by one
the dangers that wait to assail you.
but just buckle in
with a bit of a grin
just take off your coat and go to it
just start to sing as you tackle the thing
that "cannot be done"
and you'll do it!

see! even poets agree!

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Anonymous said...

hah wow ive heard that one b4.someone wants told me u can't play basketball. I said well i dont know about that i will challenge u. But if i beat u, u have to do my hw, and if u beat me then i will do ur hw. So we played 1-1 and i ended up beating him but with good sportsmanship. But he had a bad attitude so he ended up doing my hw. and he said thanks for playn bball against me so i said yea maybe next time u will win, good job though.:)