Sunday, November 08, 2009

my daughter is doing drugs!?!

so kyra came home last week and told me she "pledged to be drug free" at school. when i asked about it, she told me that she signed her name to a poster, but since everyone had to do it, it didn't really mean anything. so i turned to her and asked her if she was doing drugs.


for a second time, "kyra, are you doing drugs?"

"no, mom. i'm not doing drugs."

"KYRA. are you doing drugs!?"

(eye roll)
"yeah, mom... i'm up in my room doing steroids."


(still waiting for meg's next chapter....)


Anonymous said...

hey its ok i plegged to be drug free to and my parents still think i might do drugs when i get older bc ther are so many ppl in my school that do drugs.:((((

God is love


Ioana's Music Lessons said...

hmmm...maybe Kyra was not so far off...I recently watched a news report that said more and more kids, especially athletic ones, are using steroids and this will be one of the next drugs to look out for.