Saturday, June 18, 2011

a christmas miracle!

i had a saturday.

no no - you don't understand... I experienced SATURDAY today.

i can't recall the last time this happened to me. i mean, i still did a lot of stuff - got up before 9, did kid driving around back and forth to durham, ran to the store to get a swimsuit (wah!), fed everyone lunch and dinner, cleaned the kichen, did 3 loads of laundry (including folding and putting away!), took kyra and molly for a walk around shelly lake, ran to kroger to return our redbox & get the girls ice cream. but i also got a nap, sat at the pool for an hour, got rained on, and felt a peaceful, yet productive, rhythm in my day.

now it's 8, and the girls are settling in for a movie, and i am feeling... sabbath. shalom. peace in my heart. even inner tranquility. it's a feeling so foreign to me ... it has been a long, long time. so i am going to savor it... sit here and enjoy a glass of wine and let it wash over me.


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Karla said...

I am a friend of your family's at First Alliance. I read your mom's blog and have been following yours. I was so sad for you about the graduation, but so happy that you got a Sabbath. Thank you for sharing your perspective and warmth! I have been blessed by your posts.