Tuesday, June 14, 2011

the pool

tonight after dinner i took The Girls down the road to the pool for a bit. (God love curtis, he did the dishes and wrapped potatoes for me so i could be the "fun" parent for a change.) i was pretty tired, and it wasn't warm enough to lay out (i can see you shaking your head from here, jessica), but i'm so glad i did.

the pool brings out in The Girls a side of them that i rarely get to see anymore. they are attached at the hip, laughing and somersaulting each other over & under the water, calling to one another, seeking the other out, skipping from pool to diving board & back again in tandem. they clamber into my car grinning and sopping, finishing each other's sentences and regaling me tales of ruthless lifeguards & girls with bikini's too small.

and i love it. the tween/teen thing has plenty of bickering and teasing that leads to tears, posturing and pestering and down right bothering each other - sometimes i swear they do it just to make me crazy. but tonight, at the pool, my teenagers became little brown eyed girls again. maybe even mermaids.


Marilyn said...

Mermaids. They were mermaids. Can't wait to have them here.

Angela said...

IIIII think that while Curtis is in Africa that you and The Girls should come and swim at our pool and then I should make dinner for all of us. Provided I am not in the hospital having a child ... :-)

rachel said...

sounds lovely, ang... and if you are having a child i will come to your pool and the girls can play with natalie and you and ginny can stay home and rest... :)