Tuesday, October 03, 2006


ok - this shouldn't make me happy... but it does. there are a group of 4 young, burly type guys out surveying behind our house. they do this every fall, and every fall i hate it. i feel infringed upon. this morning, as i have been drinking my coffee, i've noticed something...those 4 big boys are running away from what i can only assume is a hive of bees! i also assume that these are the bees that drained my hummingbird feeder repeatedly this month, so they are strong and mighty from all the sugar! these foolish boys have cut down a small sapling and are waving it at the bees from, oh, maybe 6 feet away? keep going! that will help, surely! oh! there they go! run, boys, run! i wish they would take the bees as a sign from God and leave the whole thing alone. go away! i realize they are not here to bother me (the boys, not the bees), but they carry machetes! and they are scruffy! and they are hanging around, basically, my backyard. it offends my girlish instincts for self-protection. needless to say, i am rooting for the bees this morning.

on a different note, 'it's not like painting a wall'. these are the wise words of advice from my husband, after i came home from a night of ministry feeling somewhat unsure. he reminded me that it's not a concrete effort. oh, how i wish it were! :) i did not see the wall change it's color last night, but God speaks even when i do not hear it. and it's about his satisfaction, not mine. so... c'est la vie. i will leave it to God.

on yet another different note - meet sparkles, my sheep. this is the tattoo curtis designed for me, and i am going on thursday to get it! hooray! those of you who know me well will know what sparkles is for... those of you who don't, well, you can just appreciate the cuteness of the sheep!


Sabrina said...

you're rooting for the bees?! I dont think we can be friends anymore. ;)

casey said...

1. I feel funny when guys are tending my lawn as well. But one time, I was bringing in groceries, and the guy held the door open for me. so that was nice.
2. I thought last night was great! I was reflecting my notes this morning (while drinking coffee of course) and thinking about how great God's promises and gestures are!
3. yeah for sparkles the sheep tattoo! I'll see you at 11:45!

Anonymous said...

Where are you putting "Sparkles"? Now you only need 10 more to catch up with me. (JV)

rachel said...

on my inner wrist, like we've discussed. my friend "shanna the anesthesiologist" is going to get me an emla patch (topical pain killer) to wear for a couple hours before i go, since i'm such a wus! :)

Angela said...

I've always wanted a tattoo of a Chinese character. It's so "cool" and yet I'm actually, well, you know. But JJ is very anti-tattoo and so it goes.