Thursday, October 19, 2006

who wants to be rich?

don't get me wrong - i love my life. i love my dsl & my dvr & my suv. i love my 17 lipsticks and 22 pairs of shoes. i love my lunches out and my movies in. i love the giving and recieving of all manner of christmas, birthday & "just because" presents.

but ...

i saw the ad for 'the rich list'. have you seen this ad? "we don't stop at a million...this is life changing money". and i thought to myself that indeed it was life changing money. so why isn't it being used to change lives rather than just bump someone up a tax bracket or two? why, if there is all that money to give away on the merit of whether or not someone is lucky enough to choose door number 3, or answer the triva correctly, is that money not going to actually help someone? even if all you care about is improving the lives of american's, how many children could have school supplies or health care or safer neighborhoods with that money? how many single mom's could get job training? how mnay homeless people could be fed? or give the 'life changing money' to aids orphans in africa. to refugees from the genocide in darfur or somalia. build deep water wells for villages in ethiopia. educate girls in china. there are organizations and people who want nothing more than to give us the opportunity to do those things and more, but we 'want to be rich'. i felt sick when i saw that ad. how dare we treat the world and it's people so callously?

as for me, i don't want to be rich - not anymore. i want to take what modest resources i have and change someone's life. cause it doesn't take more than a million to be 'life changing money'.

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