Tuesday, October 24, 2006

reflections on blogging

blogging is weird.

the blogger traipses down a gossamer line between private and public, and it is, at times, unsettling. i opened my profile recently to look at it, since it's been months since i started this, and i didn't even remember what i put in it. and over in the left corner is a tiny line of text that says, "profile views - 129". ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY NINE. there are really only 8 or 9 people who ever leave me comments, but 129 people have looked at my profile. what the heck!? i was going to add some stuff, feeling pretty confident that i was isolated among friends i know and love here in the "blogosphere", only to find that i am not! and so, i definately did not add new stuff to my profile. if i am going to err, i'd rather err on the private sign of the gossamer line!

oh, and i finally figured out how to fix the links in the sidebar so they actually connect to stuff! victory! click them! :) only 34 sleeps til my birthday! (unless you are reading this wednesday morning, then there's only 33!)

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