Friday, October 06, 2006

the doctor is in

after many months of talking about it, i finally got my sheep tattoo yesterday! hooray! and a certain doctor (who shall remain nameless) helped me out with a numbing patch so that it wouldn't hurt so much! hooray! i know, i know... you all think i'm a wus.. .well, surprise surprise! of course i'm a wus! :) so thank you, nameless doctor!

it is a beautiful rainy day here in durham, and my husband is taking a much needed personal day to recover some of his he is going fishing in the rain. good for him! i hope he catches many fish, and does not catch pneumonia!

happy friday!


Sabrina said...

thats dedication! there isnt much I'd do outside in the rain. Okay... there isnt much I'd do outside, period. But especially in the rain.

casey said...

this is the day to lay on the couch, drink coffee alllll day and read a book. so nice.

Angela said...

pictures of the new tattoo - pictures of the new tattoo!