Thursday, December 13, 2007

day 1

it's cold here! i just walked the dog, Evie, and my ears are still tingling from the chill! you can see your breath and everything!

today is a 'recovery day'. there will be napping, and i'm not even dressed yet. (yes, i walked the dog in my pj's - you got a problem with that?) it's exactly what the doctor ordered...lovely.

in other news, a couple in england were banned from taking pictures of their own 11 month old daughter on the swings in a public park, where a uniformed officer told them it was illegal to take pictures of children in the park. obviously a reactionary law to the crimes perpetrated against children, but still - ridiculous. what is our world coming to?


Sarah said...

"It beggars belief"? Wha?!? And here's to thinking outside the box!

Annie said...

Relax, enjoy yourself and keeps your ears warm :0)

kristine said...

ah it's colder here babe! but huddled in our igloo's for warmth all the MW are praying for you all.

Sassy_Doss said...

remind me to tell you the story of the time i got in trouble in film class in college for shooting kids on a playground. oopsies. yes- a 21 year old literally got called to the principal's office. :(