Tuesday, December 18, 2007

This is from an interview with Anne Lemont in Relevant Magazine Online... it's so human, and so real...

"What does it mean to be a believer?

I have a very pathetic and innocent relationship with Jesus. [The things] I’m sure about are the things the kids in church sing: that I’m loved and never alone. I am a complicated and worried person. To know that I can just say “hi” and “I am so lost,” and He says, “Hi, hon. No, you’re not. Let’s breathe. Get a glass of water. Do you want to call a friend?” Simple works for me. I love to read profound, theological, brilliant, stunning stuff that throws the lights on for me, and then I write about it so I can disseminate it. But I don’t have brilliant, theological thoughts. The difference my church makes is that I still get lost, but I find my way back sooner."

i have to say, while "pathetic" wouldn't be descriptive for my journey, "innocent" totally would. i am sure about all the things the children sing... and my life is richer and better for it. :) never underestimate the value of a childlike heart - but remember c.s. lewis - the heart of a child, but all the rigorous intellect of an adult. (sorry to paraphrase his wise words... i can't find the quote online, and i'm without my library temporarily)


Sarah said...

So tragic, the library-less-ness.

"He told us to be not only 'as harmless as doves', but also 'as wise as serpents'. He wants a child's heart but a grown-up's head. He wants us to be simple, single-minded, affectionate, and teachable, as good children are; but He also wants every bit of intelligence we have to be alert at its job and in first-class fighting trim."

Will that suffice?

rachel said...

you are my hero!! :)

i'd be lost without you!

Curtis said...

just wanted to say 'love you' :-)