Thursday, December 06, 2007


good morning, everyone.

as a public service announcement, i feel the need to say, "Don't go see 'A Christmas Carol' at the Raleigh Memorial Auditorium." i went with kyra's 5th grade class last night - and it was a waste of my evening. the classic story, which has endured the test of time for a reason, was rewritten into snarky one-liners based largely on television commercials & current news items. for instance - nephew fred says to uncle scrooge, "getting christmas spirit is so easy, a caveman can do it!" and a caveman ala geico walks across the stage shaking his head. or when scrooge crawls into bed, he find his teddy bear, "mohammed". there were also big musical numbers (which i am not opposed to on principle, mind you), that at one point had scrooge in a las vegas elvis white jumpsuit. and let's not even mention that the ghost of christmas future was "marilyn manson" - leaping from his coffin in full manson get up. and to top it all off, it ran almost 3 hours.

kyra had fun...and i loved being with her. she looked so grown up ("dress to impress") and beautiful. but i'd rather have taken her for dinner & had some quality time.

at least the tickets were free...


Jamie said...

Ewww....I'm so grossed out. I would have hated every minute of that. Thanks for letting me know :(

ps--I'm really sorry I couldn't make imetmark. I was out of town, but I looked at Heather's pics on Facebook, and it looks like a blast :)

Sabrina said...

I heard Curtis say you went to see "Scrooged"... not "A Christmas Carol". "Scrooged" was an 80's movie with Bill Murray. Funny, but not something I'd take kids to.

rachel said...

yeah - he's distracted.